Farrier & Wrangler Wanted On Colorado Ranch

Howdy Ginger,

We have contacted you in the past and you were kind enough to post our job opening for a farrier/wrangler at your school.  We are again looking for one additional farrier to add to our staff this summer.  Here is some additional information on our ranch and the job.

We have a summer guest and working ranch in Colorado and we are looking for a recent or soon to be graduate farrier to work at our ranch this summer.

We own around 120 head of horses and have found that we can provide an excellent opportunity for a newly trained farrier to get under a number of horses and further develop their skills and training. This gives them a good head start to begin their own business.

This position we are offering also entails wrangling horses, teaching horseback riding, guest entertainment and a number of other activities all based in a great mountain environment.  All of our employees live and work on the ranch.  The position can pay between $11000 to $14000  for the summer with minimal expenses.  My family has been in business for 40 years and have had a number of horseshoers get their start with us over the years.  They would be working with other experienced farriers including ourselves.  We do have two other full time farriers on staff so we do not expect this candidate to take the load of the entire horse herd by themselves.

If you have any students who might be interested in a great summer here in the Colorado mountains have them contact us at 1-800-845-2292 and speak to Justin or Ken.

Our website is www.drowsywater.com for reference and we have an online application on the website.  Feel free to call us with any questions.

Thank you for your time.

Justin Fosha
Owner Drowsy Water Ranch

The Fosha Family
PO Box 147
Granby, CO 80446