The Farriers' National Research Center & School utilizes all appropriate techniques and products when teaching hoof care. Light therapy, nutrition, Equine Flexion Therapy and a variety of complementary and alternative methods may be covered.

Our research center was the first to offer an education in Thermal Imaging technology and many other unique diagnostic tools to help students better understand the needs of horses. A visit to the FNRC can give you the advantage of knowing instead of guessing when dealing with hoof problems. We combine a number of integrative techniques to detect underlying issues. We help horses and educate their owners by identifying problems and correcting and maintaining healthy feet.

At the FNRC, we focus our attention on the total wellness of the horse, researching the use of products and techniques that do not harm the horse, inside or out. From feed and supplements to hoof care products, we advocate the complete optimization of horses and avoid harsh and potentially harmful treatments and ingredients where possible.

Many farriers get their education at schools that teach students about the anatomy of the foot through dissection, which can be unpleasant, costly and requires extra time and resources for cleanup and disposal. We use an alternative combination of freeze dried models and hands-on demonstrations. We help farriers and horse owners understand muscular and boney structure on live horses through Equine Flexion Therapy. This approach gives a better understanding of how the horse moves and how it is affected in a real life environment. This is a more effective and more modern method of learning. 

"I am seeing and learning much more about my customers' horses over the years related to the body. There are so many cases of high/low syndrome caused by back injuries and lowering of the hip during training and events. I have included infrared light therapy in my practice and see a tremendous difference. This is the same light therapy that my wife uses for her degenerative disc pain.  My EDDS app for iPad allows me to record the horse in motion and to replay it in slow motion just like we did it with the Casey Cam in the old days at Casey & Son. After graduating from Casey & Son 18 years ago, I joined the FNRC Board and BWFA. Each new integrative technique that I have learned through BWFA conventions and FNRC studies especially Equine Flexion Therapy has made me a better farrier with more knowledge than just knowing how to tack on a shoe."