Magna Wave: Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field For Horse Therapy

PEMF is now available for Horses…
at the Farriers’ National Research Center & Horseshoeing School in: Villanow, Georgia

So what is P E M F ??  google it and you will come up with hundreds of links, photos and videos. It has become very popular within the Horse Industry. It is used on Humans, small and large animals, used by doctors, chiropractors, veterinarians and now by Farriers

Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field
We were introduced to Magnetic Therapy back in 2000 and demonstrated it’s use at clinics and conventions for farrier and owners alike for many years.

In the last ten years, the Magna Wave Equine Wellness Technology Company has been designing and representing their NEW system of PULSE fields that you can actually observe and feel as the magnetic field hovers over the body.

Here are their findings:

**Anything that disrupts our body's own natural magnetic fields impairs cell metabolism which contributes to cell dysfunction.
**The Magnetic Field helps to speed up cell metabolism by improving oxygenation of the blood stream. 

*PEMF stimulates cell metabolism causing a chain of responses in the body leading to improved health.

*PEMF works to improve circulation and cell metabolism.

*PEMF helps horses by:

General Overall Relaxation and Increased Range of Motion allowing the horse to stretch out their hind quarters, necks, and front limbs. Easier for the owner in conditioning the horse for and after events, just simple riding and we use it to help the horse prepare for the farrier’s services.

There is an apparent relaxing of the vascular system within minutes of completing the session (10-20 minutes) which could serve to drop or improve blood pressure.

* Calm and Relaxed attitude while relaxing muscles
* Increases Circulation      *Improves Energy
* Arthritis Relief and Inflammation Reduction
* Stimulates Hoof Growth and can bring a hoof abscess to the surface.
*Boosting cellular metabolism by      *Regenerating blood cells

PEMF demonstrated by Dan Marcum at the Farrers National Research Center 5.7.19 Slide 3.JPG
PEMF demonstrated by Dan Marcum at the Farrers National Research Center 5.7.19 Slide 6.JPG

The Magna Wave company is the unit we use. We have included it in the Equine Flexion Therapy courses with Instructor Dan Marcum as shown here on May 7, 2019. Dan is a Certified PEMF Expert with the Manga Wave company.

Horse owners can reserve a session for their horses, visit and observe and become involved in the Equine Flexion Therapy Courses by calling the School at
(706)387-8909.  Photos at

Next EFT Course is July 9,10,11