Equine Flexion Therapy

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  • 3 day EFT course is $600.

  • 2 meals a day available at $5 each (Lodging is not available for EFT students). Hotels are available along I-75 10 miles from school.

  • 3 D-Stressor Tools will be available for purchase at $100 (or $35 each).

  • We can accept cash & credit cards on day of course. Personal checks only for deposits in advance.

  • When you submit a deposit of $300 you will receive the EFT manual.

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Through a process of flexing, massage, and deep motion flexing, Equine Flexion Therapy can help keep horses more flexible and comfortable, aligning the spine without chiropractic adjustments and addressing the muscles that control the skeleton. Evaluation is done through testing the range of motion and palpation test. Then muscle therapy and deep motion flexing can help align the spine, and the treated muscles will help prevent the spine from being pulled out of align.

An alternative to Chiropractic. Anyone can take an EFT course and increase their knowledge of not only the feet, but the entire anatomy of the horse! Are you ready to be more knowledgeable than most farriers, professionals and horse owners? Schedule an upcoming class! 

Equine Flexion Therapy

Designed By Dan Marcum

Dan (owner and operator of All Around Horses) is an award winning APHA showman, trainer, breeder, professional Master Farrier certified by the BWFA (Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association), member of the BWFA Hall of Fame 2012 and an Equine Adjuster who has devoted his career to the care of the overall horse. This has led him to develop the EFT (Equine Flexion Therapy) techniques.

Equine Flexion Therapy is a patented technique that can help a farrier become a better farrier. It is a system that can be done in conjunction with a farrier business.

Upcoming EFT Course Dates: 

Georgia: EFT Equine Therapist First Level Course

  • october 16,17,18 (Wed. th. fri)

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Dan Marcum
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D-Stressor Tools: 

Are available for purchase during the EFT Course you attend. The cost is $100.00 for all three tools that you will receive in person. No shipping needed. Cash payments please. All other online or phone purchases, please go to Dan Marcum's online store by clicking HERE.  

Dan Marcum, EFT Instructor designed his patented D-Stressor tools to aid in the Equine Flexion Therapy.

Dan Marcum, EFT Instructor designed his patented D-Stressor tools to aid in the Equine Flexion Therapy.

Dan Marcum, Equine Flexion Therapy Instructor, demontrating his patented D-Stressor Tools.

Dan Marcum, Equine Flexion Therapy Instructor, demontrating his patented D-Stressor Tools.

Dan Marcum EFT Instructor with Farriers during a course demonstrating his patented D-Stressor Tools.

Dan Marcum EFT Instructor with Farriers during a course demonstrating his patented D-Stressor Tools.

Dan Marcum, EFT Instructor, demontrating his patented D-Stressor Tools.

Dan Marcum, EFT Instructor, demontrating his patented D-Stressor Tools.

Dan Marcum, EFT Instructor, demonstrating his patented D-Stressor Tools on Horses.

Dan Marcum, EFT Instructor, demonstrating his patented D-Stressor Tools on Horses.

-D-stressor tools are for humans and horses demonstrated here by Santiago, Farrier from South America.

-D-stressor tools are for humans and horses demonstrated here by Santiago, Farrier from South America.

Dan Marcum EFT Instructor with Farrier, Franz Robinson, demonstrating the patented D-Stressor Tools for Horses.

Dan Marcum EFT Instructor with Farrier, Franz Robinson, demonstrating the patented D-Stressor Tools for Horses.

Dan Marcum EFT Instructor with Ashle Eidiener, Farrier, demontrating his patented D-Stressor Tools for Horses.

Dan Marcum EFT Instructor with Ashle Eidiener, Farrier, demontrating his patented D-Stressor Tools for Horses.

Dan Marcum's patented D-Stressor Tools for horses & humans.

Dan Marcum's patented D-Stressor Tools for horses & humans.



From Rebecca Jacobs, Horse Owner, Texas

Owning show horses is very different from my early childhood experience with the cow horses my father owned. So a few years ago when my trainer suggested my horse would benefit from having some chiropractic work done, I thought she was crazy. The only experience I had had with that sort of thing, was when a lady at the barn where my horses was boarded, had a guy that massaged her horses every couple of months. I was not impressed. My trainer convinced me that the guy she wanted to work on my horse was very good and would really help my horse be able to move better. I turned out that the man was Dan Marcum.

People that don't know a lot about horses believe horses can't talk. True, they don't talk the way people do, but if you listen and pay attention, your horse tells you a lot. He tells you when he is sore and in pain. And when my horse starts not wanting to pick up her leads, or not bend, I start paying close attention. Is she just being lazy and not wanting to work, or is she out somewhere or sore? So when my usually responsive horse suddenly becomes unwilling to work, I know it’s time to call Dan. I went from not believing he could help, to making him an equal part of the team, along with my trainer, farrier and vet. And if you watch your horse closely while Dan is working on him, you can see how he feels about what is going on. It goes from, stop, leave me alone, to, oh, this feels good. But the real proof comes when you climb back in the saddle.

 The difference is very easy to feel. My horse is back to being willing to work, easy to bend, and the lope is always greatly improved. I now have Dan come work on my horse about every 6 weeks and if possible I schedule him to work on her before I take her to a show. Yes, I am a BELIEVER!!!


From Denise Kelleher, Horse Owner, Florida

I went to the BWFA Convention in October 2011 with my husband who is a BWFA Certified Farrier. That is where I watched the Equine Flexion Therapy class. I was very interested in what Dan was doing with the horses. I went to his Equine Flexion Therapy class in February 2012. I learned a lot in 3 days. Dan made the class very interesting and I learned the muscle group by painting on a real horse. Dan is a great teacher and very patient with his students. I want to thank you for the opportunity to be in your Equine Flexion Therapy class. My plans are to compliment my husband’s business by offering my services to his shoeing customers. Thanks again


From Ralph E. Rodgers, BWFA Certified Farrier

Six Step Farrier Service, South Carolina

Daniel Marcum gives a very comprehensive class on Equine Flexion Therapy that can enhance any farrier’s knowledge. I have taken classes from Dan at the FNRC/Casey & Son Horseshoeing School and was happy with his classes. I have used this knowledge many times to help horses with muscle and joint problems with a lot of success. I have used Equine Flexion Therapy on Barrel racing horses before the event to try to warm up the horse like a track and field runner would warm up before a race. This therapy DOES WORK VERY WELL. It took three one thousands of a second off the best time this horse and rider had ever had in the past. I am talking about a world class rider 3rd or even 4th place. Wade was amazed with the results and said "I made a believer out of him"

I recommend for anyone to take Dan's classes. Farriers can benefit from Flexion Therapy because you as a farrier can earn additional income for your farrier business.


From Cheyenne Welsh, BWFA Certified Farrier Six Gun Farrier Service, Montana

Dan Marcum's class was one of the best tools I've acquired for my farrier business. I feel the more you can learn about the horse, the better job you can do. Not only have I been able to better diagnose lameness but I have been able to treat it using the skills I've acquired through EFT training.

Dan did a great job with taking the time to make sure we understood what we were learning and could properly explain it ourselves. I recommend this class not only for farriers but anyone looking to know more about their own horse


From Daniela Shatz,  (as of 2016, CEFT, 2nd level)  BWFA Certified Farrier and Equine Photographer  Georgia

I attended the EFT Class at the Farriers' National Research Center in La Fayette, Georgia in January 2011. It is definitely something to think about learning.

I have been to the Spring Fling and to every BWFA Convention since I became certified. At one of the conventions, I noticed Dan Marcum. He was examining horses for soreness and talking about "treating the cause and not the symptoms." He got my attention and I started to watch his work.

During his demonstration, there was a horse who, when Dan had barely touched him, he almost hit the ground with his hindquarters because he was in so much pain. It took Dan less than a minute to treat any particular sore spot. The next time he touched the horse on the same sore spot, the horse showed no sign of distress!

Dan's demonstration convinced me, that it would be good to learn how to help a horse to relax and feel better. After all as a farrier, working under a calm, easy-going horse is better for my back and easier than working under a horse who is in pain and can't lift his feet higher than 12 inches off the ground.

I had the opportunity to bring two of my horses to the Farriers’ National Research Center, and Dan Marcum taught me how to ease their soreness; look for problems I didn't previously see or know about; and how to treat them. I learned more than I ever thought I would. I also worked on other horses so I would not get "stuck" with just my own horses' problems.

I also enjoyed working and studying with two fellow farriers (Chris and Audrey). The class required a lot of hard work and overwhelming intake of information; however, in my professional opinion, it was absolutely worth all my effort. As we like to say: "A Happy Horse Makes A Happy Owner”


……1 Year later in January 2012

As a farrier, I have a horse who won't stand still for trimming, I will do spot treatments. They drop their heads, relax and stand on all four feet. The owners are very impressed. IO continued the work on one horse who received Dan's full EFT treatment during the BWFA Horseshoers Convention back in October 2011. After just 3 months, the owner returned to the dressage ring where the trainers commented, "This is not the same horse one year prior it is amazing how more fluid its movements were.”


From Dani Clement, BWFA Certified Farrier  Alabama                     

I consider myself to be a "book smart" student which proved to be helpful in my farrier training. I learned the names of the muscles and tendons and location but the EFT course gave me a much better overall understanding of the muscles.

I find it helps the horse loosen up and get comfortable for the odd positions it stands in while I attend to its hooves. We are both more relaxed for a better experience.

It benefits both farrier and horse.


From Chrissy McIntosh, Barn Manager at Terra Bella Stables Beaumont Texas

We have around 30 horses here that do various activities, from breeding to pleasure riding to light showing and everything in between.

Over the twenty some odd years that I've known Dan Marcum, he has been many things. Horse trainer, instructor, farrier, friend and most recently, "miracle worker". We had Dan work on several horses, but most notably, my retired 22-year-old show horse and another

semi-retired jumper. My horse Boog, foundered about 12 years ago and has had other health issues that had effectively placed him in "pasture ornament" mode. I decided to bring him out of retirement so my children could do one season of showing on "the old man". So I signed him up for an adjustment and massage then coupled with Dan's farrier work, have made Boog move like a 12 year old again. He can extend at the trot and he even feels good enough to be bad. Without Dan's manipulations, adjustments, massage and farrier skills, my Boog would not be able to reappear in the show ring for the first time in 14 years.

The other horse is a Hanoverian/Morgan cross that we picked up for a lesson horse. He has since been sold to one of the girls that rode him in lessons. He has had problems with his extension, cantering and jumping. One session with Dan and Watson is brand-new again. He enjoys being ridden, is eager to jump and has a smooth collected canter. Of course, as Dan says, he can fix the body, not the personality. And Watson definitely has one!

Dan has worked quite a few "miracles" over the years and we are very grateful to him for it.


From: Ken McDonald, BWFA Certified Farrier Back In the Saddle Horseshoeing, Georgia

I really loved the class and Dan was very helpful and patient when I didn't understand something. He was able to give me the tools to make horses live better. I perform a therapy session with 8-10 horses a month and the joy I get from relieving their pain and increasing the quality of life for them is one of the greatest things I do and without Dan I could not do that.   Thanks Dan!


From: Audrey Paquette, BWFA Certified Farrier and Competition Rider of Canada

I can't believe I’ve been in horses for this long without knowing about Deep Flexion Therapy.  It helps the horses so much, and keeps them less sore.  After performing flexion on the horses a couple of times, I can feel when my horse needs to be flexed again.   It has saved on the Vet bill and on time to cure some of the injuries I see.  I use it often when I’m shoeing.  Some horses are so sore they can barely stand and after you flex them they stand and feel much better.   
I'm happy to have taken Dan’s flexion course. 


From: Tara Dahnke

Dan Marcum has been an essential part of my training program for not only my race horses, but also my show horses and pleasure horses. I have developed a reputation for taking the horses that most people ask, “Why is a horse behaving, responding, or moving a certain way?” The answers are always the same…pain, discomfort, or lack of flexibility. Over time this leads to all kinds of mental responses from the horse such as ear pinning, tail wringing, and refusal to work, bucking, rearing, and pulling back. Over the years I have seen amazing transformations of these horses by using Dan Marcum to relieve their pain and return their flexibility through muscle massage, stretching, and light therapy. The process is amazing watching a horse turn from wide-eyed and sour-faced to soft-eyed and jello-like relaxed while he works on them ear to tail and back again. Sometimes this takes an hour; sometimes it takes up to three hours.

I had a racehorse mare that had always been a little stiff and short-strided. She was an aggressive runner…what we refer to as “on the muscle”. Horses that are this intense are very tense. Tension wrecks havoc on every joint in the body. She would get close to winning, but never got a win until she met Dan Marcum. He worked on her for about three hours before he was satisfied with the results. She won the very next race just a few days later by twelve and a half lengths!!!

Another example was a mare that belonged to me. She had been a kid-safe perfect trail horse before a trailer accident. After the accident, she could not be ridden safely and was used as a broodmare for many years. After seeing what Dan could do, I decided to try to train her again for one week. Nothing changed. She would try to set back when tied, and under saddle, she would refuse to go forward, buck, and try to throw herself down. She was so bad; I didn’t think anything could fix her. But to my surprise, she returned to the docile, sweet riding mare of long ago after just one very intense treatment from Dan Marcum.

Sometimes it takes a while for the horse to realize it is no longer going to hurt. Those horses benefit from professional training or controlled exercise along with further monthly treatments from Dan Marcum. This may be because of atrophy and extreme soft tissue shortening. These horses essentially need to be rehabilitated before they can be successful athletes and happy riding horses. Dan has worked on our cutting horses as well.

If a cutting horse has a stiff neck or body and doesn't bend well in one direction, then it will not turn well over its hocks. It will swing outward through the turn and lose its advantage over the cow. I have seen an immediate difference in these horses after just one treatment from Dan. Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed without Dan Marcum.

Before Dan, we probably just trained the horses to put up with us. That may work if you are a trainer, but rarely works for those less experienced with horses. When we use Dan Marcum to fix these problems from the beginning, I have felt that the horses enjoy their work and are more apt to stay well-trained years after leaving the trainer.