About Dan Marcum

Dan's background is very wide in the equine industry. Training and showing from little open shows, to World Show competition. Dan has a great amount of experience in musculoskeletal therapies that help keep the whole horse healthy. Dan is always looking for ways to improve the health of the horse, and better ways of shoeing. It is his desire to learn more from others, and to give back and help others become more educated and more skilled not just in farriery, but in other things related to the feet and the health of the whole horse. The more educated a person is, the better farrier they will be. Dan believes that his experience can benefit the BWFA, the farrier industry, and each individual in their own farrier business.

Dan Marcum was born in Driggs, Idaho where he grew up working with horses. In the winter he drove sleighs and spent his summers packing in the mountains. In 1980, he moved to Texas and by 1989 had settled in Kirbyville. He married his wife Kathy in 1992. Dan's daughter, Annie, works for them as a trainer and Kathy's son, Travis, helps out with the maintenance. Karen Ross and Hannah Brook round out the training staff.

  The Marcum's operate an all breed training barn, working with a wide variety of horses. They especially enjoy the Pleasure type Pintos. They attended their first Pinto show in 1994 at the Pinto National Show, and have been back every year since then. One of the things they love about Pintos is the diversity. It fits in with their "specialty" all around horses.

 From 1995-2000, the Marcum's competed with Oshquah , a Half-Arabian Stallion co-owned by them and Mimi Hoppe Wolf. Over those years, he won the PtHA High Point Pleasure type saddle four times and racked up eleven National World titles and 20 Reserve titles. He was also a PtHA Supreme Champion. Many of his offspring are already following in his footsteps, earning PtHA World Champion titles themselves.